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Beebest Inspire series

The Beebest Inspire series is ready to go with the same great features and user experience that have made Beebest the global leader in Instant Water Heater industry. Each Beebest Inspire series comes standard with 3 main choice, the E, EP and ESP where featuring its Silent DC Booster Pump that is fully imported from Japan. And to make sure you have the best shower experience, the Beebest Inspire integrates a 5 ways showering choices such as - Super Jet Spray, Massage Spray, Misty Spray, Fine Spray & Combo Spray.




Ultra Slim Design
Suitable for low water pressure
Automatic Flow Switch


alt Double Relay ELCB
Among the safety systems, Beebest pioneered ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker) with Surge Protector which cut off electrical power to the heater should a leakage even as low as 10ma ever occur.


alt Leak Proof Heater Tank
This leak proof heater tank is made of special engineering grade materials which could withstand high temperature up to more than 150 celcius and it's also tested up to more than 150 p.s.i water pressure test to ensure long lasting, reliable use.


alt High grade anti-rust chrome finishing
High quality anti-rust chrome finishing giving the S8000 series a luxurious, modern and stylish look, hence definitely the best in its class.


alt Electronic Temperature Control
The stylish electronic temperature control knob allows you to select your preferred shower temperature at your fingertips.


alt Variable Pump Speed Selector (S8000EP & S8000ESP)
Enables the pump speed to be adjustable according to the desired pressure required and to be switched off should the shower pressire is sufficient, with separate pump speed control even able to switch on for cold shower.


alt 5 way Shower & Colour Matching Showerhead
Colour coordinated showerhead designed to compliment the S8000 series body colour and comes with quality matt finishing


alt Silent operation
With the revolutionary silent pump technology, you will enjoy whisper quiet and refreshing shower every time.


alt High Efficiency
Thanks to its intelligent system, the silent pump operates with very low power consumption and you enjoy up to 60 % energy saving.


alt High Flow Output
The silent booster pump produces a stronger water flow rate for an invigorating shower.


alt Carbon Brushless System
Unlike conventional pump, the silent pump operates without carbon brush and thereby eliminating the danger of short circuit when carbon dust contaminates the internal compartment of the heater.


alt Maintenance Free
Unlike conventional pump, the silent pump does not use carbon brush and seal bearing, thus requiring no maintenance.


alt Superior Lifespan
With its cutting-edge microcontroller and advanced technology, the silent pump has an added advantage of an extremely longer lifespan than the conventional pump.




S8000E & S8000ESP
Power Rating 3.7Kw (S8000E & S8000EP)
4.3Kw (S8000ESP)
Volt 240 V a.c ~ 50 Hz
Min. Water Pressure 0.14kg f/cm2 (2psi)
Max. Water Pressure 3.87kg f/cm2 (55 psi)
Water Connection 15 mm(1/2"BSP)
Water Temp. Control Variable Stepless Electronic Control
Product Dimension 235mm x 375mm x 95mm
Pump Rating 48W 24V d.c. (S8000ESP)
120W a.c. (S8000EP)
Gross Weight 3.1kg S8000E
4.1kg S8000EP
3.6kg S8000ESP
Colour Available Matt Black
Cream Beige
Platinum Grey
Mocha Brown
Champagne Gold
Gloss White

Awards and Recognition